Lsnet OPAC provides a platform for a range of activities related to books and other knowledge materials. Library members can share their books,can share their review on books in their books nad can also connect to,online portal for buying and auctioning of books. It comes with unique feature of 'My Library',which provides personalized space to every user for maintaining a collection of his or her favourite books.


What LSNet OPAC offers to users?

My Library also called Virtual Library, is an interactive interface for users for building a private virtual book shelf.A user can add,assort,remove or update books on his shelf.A visually appealing catalogue of the books can be shared with the other members.Users can also do borrowing or landing with other members at their convenience.

Groups: This feature allows Users to interact with their friends.Any member can initiate the group and invite his friends to be part of it.The initiator of the group is called the 'Administrator'.He can create the password of the group and can invite his friends to join the group.A group allows his group members to view the virtual book shelves of all group members. They get to know what others are reading and can send request to borrow books.There is a discussion board where group members can interact via review and feedbacks.

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