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Library Services

The foundation of your library is the quality of your catalogue and  bibliographic database. With a wide portfolio of  products for library automation, LIBSYS also serves its customers with the library associated services. In order to increase the manageability and accessibility of library resources, we offer both retrospective conversions and digitization services. The expert team of Library science ensures that all the process guidelines are followed for an error free service delivery.




Retrospective Conversion

  • Shelflist Conversion

  • Record Upgrades

  • Web enabled searching

  • Authority Control for name headings and subheadings

  • Normalization

  • Custom Database Processing

  • Option to host your data for easy maintenance at low cost




  • Digitization of documents, archived files, maps, etc.

  • Recording and linking of all the digitized content

  • Keyword selection for searching facility

  • Format conversion

  • Dublin Core

  • MARC21

  • AACR2

  • Z39.50

   …Library services for convenience and accuracy