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A true realization of  Lib 2.0, LIBSYS7 delivers unparallel satisfaction for both patrons and library staff. It gives end to end manageability of the library operations through its comprehensive modules. As a Web based solution, it provides platform independence. The interactive features in the industry’s most advanced OPAC makes LIBSYS7 most rewarding choice for all the Librarians.  LIBSYS7 is a product aiming most convenient and pleasing library experience through its value added features.


LIBSYS7 competency

  • GWT based GUI with multitasking feature

  • Unicode Support

  • Federated Searching with customizable look & feel

  • User notification through E-mail and SMS

  • RSS feeds and integration with Google Books, BookFinder, etc.

  • Interactive features like online reviews, ratings, renewals, reservations etc. to deliver patron satisfaction

…and many more in this complete LMS


Standards Compliance

  • Acquisition

  • Cataloguing

  • Circulation

  • Serials

  • Article Indexing

  • Web OPAC

  • Customizable Reports

  • MARC21 

  • Unicode


  • Z39.50


  • SICI Barcode