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LSmart Solutions

LIBSYS offers LSmart solutions based on RFID and EM technologies, taking automation and security in libraries to a new level.  LSmart integrates RFID and EM hardware from world renowned manufacturers with LIBSYS using its more than two decades of experience in library automation. LSmart has proved to be strong on reliability, flexibility and ease-of-operations and combined with robust and quality hardware equipments.






  • RFID Tags on Books/Documents and CD/DVDs

  • Multiple item processing simultaneously

  • Self-use Kiosk for check-out/check-in

  • Book Drops for quick check-in of items

  • Hand held RFID readers for  Shelf Management

  • EAS Security Gates

  • Books Sorters to reduce items replacement times on shelves

  • EM tapes are concealed inside Spine / Gutter of Books and Documents

  • Security through EM gates by demagnetizing / magnetizing the tapes



  • RFID tags used for identification

  • EM tapes used for security

  • Option for dual check hybrid gates


LSmart collaborations


  • HF:13.56 Mhz

  • ISO/IEC 15693

  • ISO/IEC 18000-3

  • FCC & EN-ETSI Certifications